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  • Little torch


    Thanks Allan for starting this forum up, such a brilliant way to access so many experienced minds!. I'm wanting to use my torch with larger pieces and was looking at the rosebud tip, but I have read about some tips that are compatible with the SLT (paige tips?) does anyone have any experience with these and are they available in the UK or only from the US? Thanks, Karen

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    I use the rosebud mainly for larger pieces and for melting. Works really well. The different sized tips come into their own for the smaller to medium sized, and different metals you are using. I mostly stick with the same tip and vary the oxygen to soften the flame (probably an old habit from using the Orca Torch)

    Not quite the answer you are looking for, but there are a variety of tips for this torch designed specifically for it.

    The Rosebud tip is available at Cookson Gold (gold members will get a little discount on the price too)

    Walsh do some horseshoe tips - - I haven't used them (again discounts for gold members are available for many products at Walsh)


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      Thanks Wallace, still learning how to work with adjusting the O2 to alter the flame, such an improvement on my cooks and plumbers torches though. Think the rosebud is what I need .