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GoJD News 25/2/19

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  • GoJD News 25/2/19

    New Shop Goodies!

    We've added two new items to the GoJD shop this week, with one item probably of more interest than the other.

    1st item - A Sisma LMD 180 Desktop laser welder supplied through GETi and details upon request (told you it would only be of interest to a few! :-) My catchphrase for Sisma is "If you don't know Sisma, you don't know lasers"; I think it will catch on! :-)

    2nd item - Polimall Polishing/cleaning cloths - just in from Japan and not your normal polishing cloth! "Polishing Cloths with Bite" (That's another catchphrase I just made up! :-)

    Both items have the advantage of a 10% discount to GoJD Gold members - use the code in your GoJD account area. If you don't know where the code is, read on! :-)

    Item to come; it could be a brand new model 3D printer just about to be launched by Sisma - not sure yet! You'll have to wait and see! :-)


    We noticed that the GoJD Help Centre doesn't really get used very much so we wondered what might be more noticeable and beneficial as an alternative to help members learn about all features and benefits of GoJD membership, so......... Ladeees and Gentelmeeeen! We introduce to you the new GoJD Tutorials section available in your GoJD Member's Portal area (Click on 'Tutorials' on the top nav bar)

    At the moment we're using this to list all the information in the help centre before switching it off. Hopefully you will find all the answers to any question about the GoJD that you can think of here and if you think of something and can't find the answer, just ask 'Fountain of all knowledge' Alan (me by the way! :-)

    But wait! There's more!

    In the future we will be adding tutorial content, hints and tips about making jewellery and other educational content available to Gold members, turning it into a little Palladium mine of information.

    What was that at the back? You want even more!? My God, you lot are insatiable! OK, we'll also be making available some premium courses for members to access either as a Gold member or on a paid for basis if not subscribed.

    Feedback always appreciated.

    That's your lot for this week (or is it! :-)

    Watch this space! :-)
    Owner of GETi Titanium Rings and Laser Engraving and head honcho at The Guild of Jewellery Designers
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