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  • Offer Jewellery Courses

    I'm pleased to announce that the option for Gold members to list and manage jewellery courses through their Odissa shop area is now available. (Instructions to follow)

    This is ideally suited for members who offer taster courses to members of the public but can also be used to list more professional courses. However, the plan is to introduce a dedicated jewellery courses spinoff website which will be dedicated solely to jewellery courses. All courses can be listed and managed in a dedicated area, whether they be to the public on a starter level basis or to higher level where members already have jewellery making experience.
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    Instructions and main points for listing jewellery courses in your Odissa shop area.
    1. Click to add a new product
    2. Choose main category (Learn Jewellery Making)
    3. Choose subcategory - let us know what you'd like us to add if it isn't there
    4. Enter all details relevant to your course
    5. Tick 'Free Shipping'
    6. Condition details - choose 'Pre-booked' from the dropdown
    7. Product Subtype: choose the 'Booking' radio button
    8. Selected Page Style - personally, I think 'Style 1' is more appropriate for courses but you can choose any of them or leave as 'default'.
    9. After entering all your course details - save the new course.
    10. Click on Booking tab in the product details.
    11. Choose your start and end dates if applicable
    12. Enter 'Unit (in minutes) - this is officially how long the course lasts but will list blocks of times for a particular day. For example, If you have just one course on a particular day enter an amount of minutes longer that the hours in that day; if you have a course that occurs twice in one day and starts at 9am and 1pm and lasts for 3 hours enter 240mins so that you get a 1 hour interval after the first course. Ask me about this point if unsure.
    13. Slots (per unit) - this will be the amount of spaces/people you can take for that particular course.
    14. Setting up time slots:
    15. Hover over first icon in the admin navbar and choose 'Booking Products' from the dropdown
    16. Click the Availability settings gear icon to set time slot availability (this should be self explanatory)
    17. Click the Availability calendar icon to manage bookings - click on a date to add reserved slots that have been booked elsewhere and to avoid over booking
    18. Job done!
    Owner of GETi Titanium Rings and Laser Engraving and head honcho at The Guild of Jewellery Designers
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